Fullstack web developer, creative thinker, businessman and entrepeneur who helps his customers achieve online success


I love developing tools that save time and make money

My name is Kevin, I'm a 23 year old fullstack webdeveloper from Denmark. I love programming and building smart and high performant webbased solutions for my clients which saves them time and makes them money.


A screenshot of Tiny Select

A tiny lightweight custom select input for jQuery

I needed to programmatically open and close a select input, so I built my jQuery plugin to handle it
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A screenshot of Gatsby cloud

How I hosted my Gatsby and Strapi project for free

I rebuilt my entire portfolio in Gatsby to improve performance with Strapi. This is how I deployed this solution.
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A screenshot of personal portfolio

Personal portfolio

Wanting to learn React, I set out to build my personal portfolio using the headless CMS, Strapi
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Screenshot of internal planner for managing volunteers

An internal planner for managing volunteers

Semi-automatic, blazing fast management tool for planning and managing your employees and tasks
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What I do

Server management

I host all my solutions myself on Linux, usually on my own Ubuntu server, where I manage the webserver, databases, proxies, mail, ressources and user access on an OS level.

Software development

I love developing software that helps my client get their work done so they can focus on what's important: their business.


Quality is the most important thing about my job. If I don't make sure my products are of the highest quality possible, my clients will not get the full potentional out of their product.

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