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Personal portfolio

Wanting to learn React, I set out to build my personal portfolio using the headless CMS, Strapi

Kevin From


I often listen to Syntax.fm in my sparetime and both Scott and Wes use React a lot, so I've been wanting to try it out. I've also been wanting to try out Bulma for an actual project rather than just random demos for myself, so I decided to combine them and finally build myself a personal portfolio.

The design principles

This project had three design principles. First, it had to be a fully responsive, modern frontend but stripped down to its bare minimum. Second, it had to be fast. And finally, it had to be built using TypeScript and typings all the way through the app.

The result

It was very important to me that the project result felt like home. By this I mean, that the text is written by me, the icons are chosen by me, the website is using a layout and provides a user experience that I personally like. The website is essentially designed for me.


The frontend is built using React and Bulma, the contact form posts to an API built using Express, all the posts are loaded from a self-hosted Strapi headless-CMS and the entire app is, of course, hosted on my own private Ubuntu server.